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The Waving Buzz

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently, Google has released two new applications: Google Buzz and Google Wave. Both have their pluses and minuses. But ultimately, I really don’t see them being used by many people.

Googel Buzz: This is Google’s version of Twitter. It allows you to post quick status updates, similar to what you do with Facebook or Myspace. It integrates easily with Gmail and a host of other Google apps. It also does not have the pesky limit that Twitter does. But, I know of only on person who is actively using it.

Some sites have a Buzz icon that reference when a page has been tweeted or buzzed. Buzz will also help you find information and places of interest in reference to your current location. I believe that Twitter does this as well.

Actually, I think that’s the problem I have with Buzz. Twitter is already doing it. And doing it well. It’s a niche market that I really don’t think that Google needs to attempt to invade.

Another problem is that most of the world is now communicating through social media like Facebook, Myspace and Orkut already. One more place to have to update friends and family is just that: One more place to go. Facebook has ways of keeping people glued to the site by offering various games and other forms of social interaction. Buzz is just too much.

Do I have Buzz?  Yes. But, I just don’t use it. Most of my tweets on Twitter come from my cell phone. I’ll use either Spaz or Twee or just directly as a text from my phone (thanks to Preware, I have a wonderful patch on my phone that adds a number of Twitter features to my text app). Were there a Buzz app, perhaps I’d use Buzz a bit more. As of now, not so much.

Google Wave: Just what is Google Wave? Honestly, the video from Google explains it best. If you have time, I really suggest you watch the video. There is some fanwank going on but, on the whole, the concept behind Wave is solid. It just hasn’t caught on yet.

Wave is an amalgamation of email +  instant messenger + Twitter (Buzz?) + live document collaboration. At it’s core, this concept really works. Start an email. But wait, your contact is online already? Emails suddenly becomes an IM chat. The two of you have been working on a blog posting together. You work on the posting; editing each other’s work as you go until you have a working blogpost. Another associate comes online. Add them into the wave.  They can play back the entire wave from the beginning and now can add and edit information to your post. Once finalized, port the blog portion of the wave to its own wave. Add the blog robot and that post will be posted to your blog and managed by the bot.

Want to organize a party? Send a wave to all involved in the planning. Then thru emails, IMs and document collaboration you can organize the party, add a location robot to add mapping and direction information as will as other gadgets to aid others in the wave make the most of the coming party.

I know of one group of people who are,  or at least were, using it to manage setup and then live communication for multimedia events from multiple locations.

But, I really don’t see Wave being used to its fullest extent.  The wave just hasn’t really caught on.  Honestly, I think it is just too uber-geeky.  And, again, Facebook allows for chat as well as event planning and photo sharing (another thing that Wave tauts as being able to do with ease).

From a business standpoint, live document collaboration is almost a necessity these days, as businesses are global. But, Microsoft already has Sharepoint.

Personally, I think that both Buzz and Wave are busts for Google. If anyone has anything to say to the contrary, I’d love to hear from you.



Stirring the Pot

April 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Fair warning: This post has nothing to do with food.  It does have everything to do with social networking.

Facebook recently unleashed another new service. The ability to “like” content from third party site. And then the media stirred the pot about how Facebook is now sharing all of your personal information across the web  and without your consent. And I cry foul. Loudly.
First off, Facebook is a social networking site. It’s heart and soul is sharing information about you with other people. In Facebook’s case, they are VERY upfront about what information of your’s they will share and will always give the opportunity for you to opt-out. But, at the end of the day, they put YOU in charge of what information YOU will or will not share.
Every time Facebook adds a new feature, folks on Facebook freak out. If you don’t want to share information on the internet, stay off it. You will leave your electronic footprint all over the web as you engage in various blog discussions, forum discussions and social networks.
Here’s what Facebook posted on the page when notifying users of the newest change:

You can easily opt-out of experiencing this on these sites by clicking here or clicking “No Thanks” on the blue Facebook notification on the top of partner sites. If you opt-out, your public Facebook information can still be shared by your friends to these partner sites unless you block the application.


To learn more about the different ways you can find Facebook across the web and manage your privacy on these websites, visit our Help Center.

Be responsible for your personal information. But don’t be a “chicken little”. Read the fine print. Make appropriate changes. But don’t be a doomsayer. If you don’t want to share information, then don’t.

Sorry, but I’m ticked at the moment and needed to vent.


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