About Me

About me: I’m a geek.
Food Geek
Book Geek
Tech Geek
Movie Geek
Theology Geek
Nintendo Geek
Music Geek

I grew up in the East Bay area of California. I moved to Portland, Oregon to study Bible at Multnomah Bible College (now University) in the early 90’s. Got married. Had kids. Living the dream plan B.

It was in college I found a love for writing. It was sometime after college I developed a love for cooking. I also developed an interest in gadgets. Tech gadgetry. Food gadgetry. I just like gadgets. Multi-taskers are of keen interest to me. And don’t get me started on smartphones and mobile OSs.

About this site: It’s about faith, food, film, and an ‘f’ word for tech…but I can’t think of one. It’s just a space for me to discuss the random thoughts that bounce around my head. Hope you enjoy your stay.


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