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It has begun. Created the Twitter account for Tales Of Grimm. Created the blog, Tales Of Grimm. And finally, a Facebook fan page for Tales of Grimm. It’s a veritable multimedia frenzy.

I was able to get half a weeks worth of tweets done. The first week’s digest is complete. All around, I feel like my first week was a success. Ran into a problem with Twitter and Blogger feeds to Facebook. At this point, I’m going to be manually posting until I can get that straightened out.

So, here are my current goals:

  1. Around 3 tweets a day.  That should be about a paragraph a day.  Yes, it’s a small amount of writing for an author. But, this is a new project for me and I’d really like to follow through with it.
  2. A weekly sort of a digest that goes up on Saturday or Sunday. This will be a compilation of the previous week’s tweets.
  3. The digest will be an edited form of the weekly tweets. Consider the tweets a rough rough draft and the blogpost the true rough draft of the story.
  4. As my writing get’s better or begins to increase beyond what can be held in a daily grouping of tweet, allowing the focus to shift a bit. The blogpost will become the rough draft, with tweets that point to that particular day’s posting.
And there you have it.  A bit of insight to what I am thinking. How I am thinking. Will this experiment work? Dunno. My hope is that it will. I may also fall flat on my face in front of everyone. Time will tell.
You are welcome to follow me on Twitter, follow my blog or become a fan on Facebook. Heck, you can do all three if you’d like.
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