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Down the Rabbit Hole…Again

Saw Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland” last night. Still trying to come to terms with what I watch.  Having seen Cameron’s “Avatar” earlier this week is probably coloring my perception of “Alice”.

The visual effects are stunning. You can see all of the craziness of Wonderland.  But, Alice, apparently does not. Lucy’s response to first seeing Narnia was a joy and you felt the wonder she felt right along with her. Alice just sort of accepts Wonderland at face value, and that’s too bad, because Wonderland is absolutely insane. Burton and crew really captured the the feel of Tenniel’s art from the books.

I can praise the visual artistry all day. But that’s where my praise stops. I felt nothing for any character in this movie. No character did anything to evoke emotion. The story oscillated between a feminist treatise and an action movie. “Alice in Wonderland” should be a children’s story, albeit, a dark and twisted one.

I must be honest here, and note that I did at one point have a very long blink…maybe five or ten minutes long. And those who know me know that while watching a movie on TV know that this is not an uncommon occurrence. And it was a late showing. But, I just lost interest and nodded off.

At matinee prices, this is a movie worth seeing in the theater. At full price? The only thing worth it was being able to spend time with my daughter.

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