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He’s a Tweak(er). A SuperTweak(er)

I purchased my first smartphone a few years ago. It was an HTC Mogul and I was very happy with the features that came with it. It was a solid phone as well as a place to organize contacts, memos and appointments. And, being a smartphone, or in this case — nearly a micro mobile PC, it came with lots of other productivity software that gave it even more functionality.

The preloaded software on the phone had Microsoft’s Mobile Office Suite (Word, Excel and Powerpoint), Sprint’s Telenav (GPS navigation app) and Windows Media Player Mobile (both video and music) plus a few games. The first application I downloaded and installed on it was Google Maps, which became near indispensable during my move.

There was nothing wrong with the out-of-the-box phone. It worked and worked well. But, I found that there were different ‘shells’ that could be installed on top of the OS to provide me with at-a-glance information that made the phone even more useful, And then it happened. While searching for a specific app I stumbled across the PocketPCGeeks’ Kitchen. And there was no going back.

Using the Kitchen, you are essentially creating the ‘recipe’ for the phone YOU want the way YOU want it and then ‘cooking’ it. I won’t get into all the intricacies here, but you can choose dialpad, contact tools, music players, calculators, and a host of other items that you set as default apps on the phone.

Why not just download and install a different contact application? The answer: I don’t WANT two different contact apps on my phone. Think of it this way: Imagine being able to go to a store pick out the PC you want and then pick out the apps you want “pre-installed” on the system. Don’t like Internet Explorer? Pick a different browser to be installed. Don’t like Windows Media Player? Pick a different media player. Your out-of-the-box experience is customizable. Sadly, with Microsoft, it isn’t.

A question was asked about why some geeks (myself, included) tweak their phones. They wanted to know if it was an issue of being unhappy with performance, if the base product was deficient and needed outside assistance to make it better, or was there some other reason. In trying to formulate an answer it dawned on my that how I tweak and play with my phone(s) is much the way my father used to soup up muscle cars.

There was nothing wrong with the stock ’66 Ford Mustang when it rolled off the lot. But folks have been tuning and tweaking them for decades in an attempt to make it ‘their’ car. I do the same with my phone. The out-out-of-the-box experience I had with the Mogul was great. But tweaking the phone to make it mine, that’s icing on the cake. It allows me to have something that is ultimately useful for myself and became an indispensable daily tool…until the Palm Pre came along. But, that’s another post.

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