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‘Tis The Season ~ 2008

Good things come in small packages. Don’t believe me? Just ask any woman who’s received jewelry as a gift. A tiny velvet box who’s contents say to her: “This is just a small token to show you what you are worth to me.”

Two thousand years ago, the GREATEST gift was given by a loving God who longed to bring reconciliation to His creation. “You are worth this much to Me”.

I think that Christians get so trapped in the tape and paper and the bows and cards and baking and the bustle. We put out our little Nativity scenes; carefully placing sweet little baby Jesus as the centerpeice. And then, when our carefully wrapped packages have been ripped opened. The goodies consumed. The Hugs given. After the celebrations are over, He’s carefully placed back in the box. We’ll bring Him out again next year.

I think we forget why He came in the first place. When we sing the Christmas carols, we usually only sing their first stanza– the one describing the majesty and miracle of His birth. But…if we read the lyrics to the rest of the verses we will be reminded why he came.

He came to destroy sin. To end death. To reconcile Man to God. The joy given to the world is that, somehow, God layed aside His majesty and enrobed Himself in flesh. It reminds me of this quote by Calvin Miller:

The heaviness of glory
Demands His gentle form come slowly
For Terra is an old woman now.
And spinning slow of age,
She wobbles in her palsied orbit.
Should all His vastness come to suddenly
On this uncertain world
His splendor would destroy it. 

Christ’s birth is a startling declaration of war.

“Live, Boy, til these old gates be shattered
and Eden opens again to hold the wedding
between mankind and God.
Live til every desert turns away from barren sands
and springs forth in living streams of water.
Then shall men lay down their swords
to gather holy rust.
Laughing mothers will hold their children
and be unafraid of disease.
Grow, Boy, till hate turns daggers into spoons
and feeds its enemies.
Til tyrants give their dungeon keys to preachers
and the bloodied soils
of battlefields turn into grain fields
to feed soldiers of a far better cause.
And as you grow older, Child,
the halls of death will change into healing rooms.
Clap, little hands, until when wounded
Your strong fingers strangle all the pointless
efforts of mankind that bring no hope.
Dance, little feet,
until Your injured footprints explode with
fire to burn the wounds of violence,
and every planet sings a better song!” 


No shot was ever heard around the world.
In fact, in all of human history
Only two sounds were ever heard around the entire world…
The first:
A newborn baby’s cry, saying, “It has begun.”
The second:
A young man’s dying cry, saying, “It is finished!” 

‘Tis the Season

Joy to the world….the Lord has come. For the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. God’s greatest gift sent in a tiny package. Worthy of our worship and awe. Let us not forget this. Let us not get so caught in the hustle and bustle of exchanging gifts that we forget God’s great gift.

Scott DeWolf
Lake City, ID
December 2008

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